PITTSBURG — Pitsco Education Marketing Portfolio Coordinator Anna Gudde usually spends her work day at her desk working at her computer and going to meetings.
But Tuesday, she and her coworkers had the opportunity to walk dogs at work.
“It’a a nice break and out of the ordinary,” Gudde said petting Truly a one year old black lab mix. “They are so playful, it’s so nice to see them and we can walk them, we can get some exercise together and it’s nice because I don’t always make time to go out to the humane society, so they are coming to us.”

Pitsco International Sales Enablement Specialist Annie Edson helped organize the event with SEK Humane Society Business & Promotions Manager Jasmine Kyle.

Edson is part of a “Cares” team which work on employee wellness and satisfaction. The Cares team were looking for indoor and outdoor activities for employees, and Edson — who would every single dog if she could — recently adopted a four year old rat terrier named Sammie from the shelter a few months ago. That’s when the idea of bringing the Humane Society to Pitsco sparked.
“I had not had a dog in 25 years,” Edson said. “I realized fairly quickly how therapeutic they are and how much I look forward coming home and spending time with her and snuggling with her.”

So, Truly, a black lab hound mix named Sabrina, a husky lab mix named Bolt, a chocolate lab mix named Jack and a terrier mix named Cat took a trip to Pitsco where employees took them for a walk and gave them snuggles and treats.

SEK Humane Society President Elizabeth Kutz said they were glad to bring the pups over to Pitsco.
“I think it’s fantastic, it gives the dogs a chance to be outside,” Kutz said. “It gives them a chance to be around other people, they need it. They need to be out of the shelter environment for a while and get a little one-on-one love.
“It’s so hard when there are so many of them to love them as much as they need to be.”

One lucky dog, named Cat, found a forever home. Cat was adopted by Pitsco IT Systems Administrator Matt Walker. Walker had to put down his beloved dog Sadie in March. Sadie was 16 years old.

Walker also had another dog, Sky, who appeared to feel down after Sadie's passing.

"Sky and Sadie did everything together. I don’t know if dogs can get depressed, but we could tell that Sky was feeling down and lonely," Walker said. "When I saw the poster on campus for this event, I was super excited. I thought maybe a new companion for Sky would be good for her, and who doesn’t want to play with dogs at work?

"It was a win-win in my book. I sent my wife an email with a picture of the dog Sabrina and jokingly said, 'Hey, I’m adopting this dog tomorrow.' Marie responded by posting a picture of me on Facebook asking all Pitsco employees to watch out and to keep me from adopting. After some back and forth, Marie finally relented and said that she was on board to adopt but she wanted to meet the dog first.  So she stopped by during the Pet & Play and the rest is history.”
— Stephanie Potter is a staff writer at the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at spotter@morningsun.net or follow her on Twitter @PittStephP and Instagram @stephanie_morningsun.