FRONTENAC — On Thursday, Frank Layden Elementary school helped lessen the anxiety for the first day of school by introducing next year’s teachers during “Moving Up Hour”.

During Moving Up Hour, students move up a grade for an hour at the end of the school year.  
“This gives students a chance to meet the grade above teacher, they can see the classroom and get a better idea of how things will be,” FLE Principal Courtney McCartney said. “I just really love how the staff at FLE always look for different ways to support our kids.”

Fifth graders get to visit with their kindergarten teacher that day.

This is the second year the school implemented Moving Up Hour. It was introduced by Second Grade Teacher Cory Martin.

Martin was scrolling through a second grade teacher communication group on Facebook where there was discussion by teachers across the United States about their students having anxiety or fear during the beginning of the school year.

To alleviate that, it was suggested to introduce the students to their new teachers and classroom setting before they leave for summer, “one less thing to worry about over summer break,” Martin said.
“We tried it out last year and it went really well,” Martin said, adding students and teachers were able to put faces to names for the upcoming school year.

First Grade Teacher Dwayne Taylor read “Strictly No Elephants” a book written by Lisa Mantchev which talks about inclusion. The students had a discussion about not leaving out their peers.
In the class down the hall, students participated in activities, such as writing why they are special and other topics.
“It helps us know where students stand academically with writing and being able to communicate with others,” Martin said. “It gives us a taste of what things to address next year.”

Others teachers had a more informal visit with incoming students, where they would sit and talk about things they like and what they look forward to in the upcoming school year.

Martin said she hopes Moving Up Hour continues to be a Frank Layden Elementary tradition.
“It’s a fun day at the end of the year,” she said, “and I think it’s a great way to build relationships which is one of the things we try to do at Frontenac with parents and students, it’s a great stepping stone for that.”