ARMA — Everything has come full circle for Russ Cramer at Northeast High School.

Cramer has been with the Northeast School district for seven years as a weights teacher and volleyball and basketball head coach. He also assists with track and field.

A 2000 Northeast High School graduate, Cramer has not only come back as a teacher but now has become part of the district’s administrators, a high school principal.
“It means a lot to me, to take the next step to being the principal,” Cramer said. “This is where I went to high school, it’s special to me and exciting at the same time.”

NEHS Principal Jason Clemenson resigned from his position in April, effective in June. Cramer was approved as high school principal on April 30 during a special board meeting. His new position is effective August 5.

“We’re excited,” USD 246 Superintendent of Schools Greg Gorman said. “We know this is his first year as administrator and it’s going to be learning curve but he’s awful anxious and ready to get going, and I think he will be a good administrator for district for many years to come.”

Cramer will begin as principal as the district begins its first school year taking part in Apollo, the fourth phase of the Kansas Can School Redesign Project, which focuses on strengthening non nonacademic skills.
“It’s a good time for me to start because the redesign is going to require a lot of changes, and being there during part of that change is important and it’s an exciting time to be a part of this.”

About Cramer
Cramer began his college career at Missouri Valley College where he played basketball for a year before transferring to Pittsburg State University where he studied physical education and biology. He completed his bachelors in education Dec. 2008.
“For me, it was when I was in high school where the teachers and coaches made a big difference in my life, and I think that’s what inspired me to be a teacher,” Cramer said.

He landed a job at Liberal School District in Missouri where he taught middle and high school science and then Frontenac School District where he taught biology before working at NEHS.

Cramer, who said he’s always had an interest in being part of educational leadership, graduated with a masters in educational leadership from PSU this May.