FRONTENAC — It’s getting warmer out and for many, there’s nothing better to do than jumping into the pool.

Frontenac Municipal Pool will be open 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, for a free public swim event to celebrate the first day of regular seasonal operations.

The new certified pool operator, Jenny Letner, and her staff are bringing several changes to the pool.
 “We are very excited about the new changes being instituted by new manager Jenny Letner and her staff,” Frontenac City Administrator Brad Reams said. “I look forward to seeing the class offerings fill up and the continuance of popular annual events.
“The residents deserve recreational opportunities which contribute to the quality of life in Frontenac.”

A new diving board, three sessions of swimming lessons, lap swimming, sunset yoga, and morning water aerobics are all new opportunities for residents and visitors.

There will be more opportunities for swimming lessons than before, which include safety lessons in and around water.

During sunset yoga people can stretch at the zero depth entry or stretch with pool noodles and other equipment on the deeper end of the pool.
“It’s really for anybody,” Letner said. “There’s something about being around water and doing yoga.”

People can also get their heart pumping with morning aerobics in the pool.
“It’s easy on your body but it’s really good aerobic and strength training exercise,” Letner said.

Pool hours have been extended from 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The pool plans to incorporate pool games during these times.

The 2nd annual Frontenac Homecoming Pool Games will take place in early June and the 2nd annual Doggy Dip event will close out the season in August.  

The pool is also available for pool party reservations which can be made through the City Hall offices.

Programming offerings and reservation information are available on the City’s Facebook page and website,