PITTSBURG —Pittsburg Community Middle School hosted a surprise celebration for 96 sixth grade students who had “absolutely flawless and perfect behavior in accordance with our preset standards, rubrics, and expectations,” Jay O'Ferrell said in a release. The students received a “Golden Ticket” through a special intercom announcement and were given a day of fun with movies, games and food from Chatters.
“These are the kiddos that often don’t receive recognition for simply doing what is right and expected with no incentive of reward,” O’Ferrell said in the release. “These are often the quiet kids that fly under the radar because they are just doing what is right, causing no behaviors, doing work properly, getting work done on time, never tardy, and always prepared for class. These kiddos have never had an office referral, behavioral correction, been to Focus, ALC, TLC, or suspended.
“This in no way is Academically based, instead falls back on each child doing their personal best at what ever level that is and always followed the behavioral expectations.”