On Wednesday evening Pittsburg officials activated storm sirens after rotation was observed near Kansas Crossing Casino and was headed toward the city.

Another funnel cloud was spotted by officials north west of Hepler area in the west part of Crawford County. Crawford County Emergency Management Director Jason VanBecelaere said officials believe this particular storm moved up into Bourbon county.

Crawford County did not receive any damage on Wednesday evening. The storm did, however, produce nickel-sized hail near Girard. As of Thursday morning, VanBecelaere said there was minor flooding from the rain which came through the area on Wednesday.
“We had enough of a break yesterday, all of the flooding went down enough, but the rain right now might bring it back up,” he said Thursday morning.

There were a few roads closed on Thursday because of flooding, including east of Ascension Via Christi Hospital on Centennial.

VanBecelaere is advising people to not drive around barricades and to “turn around, don’t drown.”

According to the National Weather Service Meteorologist Justin Titus said 1.8 inches of rain was reported from Girard and 2.5 inches of rain was reported from Columbus.

Titus said the environment Wednesday was unstable and it was moist and warm, “with that, numbers of supercell thunderstorm rolled across the area and in some areas more than once,” he said. “Typically strong thunderstorms persist a long time with large hail to damaging winds and flooding.”

According to Titus, the weather is forecast for more rain over the weekend, with 20-30 percent on Friday/Saturday and 60 percent for Saturday/Sunday. He said there is currently not a real strong pattern for severe storms.  

Flooding could persist for a while, Titus said, roughly another since of rain is expected over the weekend with the additional rain over the week.