Even though Arcadia High School closed its doors at the end of the  “1965” school year, the annual alumni banquet is still being held on memorial week-end every year in Pittsburg, Kansas.  The membership also includes the Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman Class of 1965.  The banquet was held at the Lamplighter Inn on Saturday evening , May 25th and was catered by Chicken Mary’s and served by Lucky Riders 4-H Club members Micah Bean, Jackson Bean, Cye Scott, and Austin Ibay.   

Enclosed with the invitation to the banquet this year was a newly updated alumni directory showing all alumni and teachers from 1917 through 1968.  It shows all deceased and living by class year with address. (and if available, phone number and e-mail address).  Also enclosed with the mailing was the 2018 Minutes prepared by Joyce Maycumber, Secretary, and the 2018 Financial Report prepared by Shirley Landon, Treasurer. These were included in the mailing to provide more time for visiting.

A social hour was from 4-5 p.m. and at 5 p.m., President Lou Sheets of Wichita welcomed the 68 Alumni and 55 guests.  The Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag was led by Merle Engle and Walter Foulk.  Marilou Bork gave the invocation.  

At the opening of the business meeting, Lou introduced alumni officers  Vice President, Pat Morris; Treasurer, Shirley Landon;  Secretary, Joyce Maycumber; and Marilyn Flagg, Historian.  

There were no objections or corrections to the 2018 Minutes and Treasurer’s report.  They stand approved as presented.

Merle Engle along with Nominating Committee of Charles Corporon and Gary Cambers nominated the following officers for the coming year as follows:  Lou Sheets, President; Pat Morris, Vice President; Shirley Landon, Treasurer; and Joyce Maycumber, Secretary. This was seconded by Betty Skidmore and these officers were voted in for the ensuing year.  Merle Engle also nominated Marilyn Flagg as Historian and our by-laws to be amended to include a Historian.  This was seconded by Tom Watt and motion carried and Chuck Corporon asked for all nominations to be closed.  

Special recognition was given to members of the 60th (1959) and 70th
(1949) this year.  Those attending from the 60th class were the
following: Betty Cockman McColm, Carolyn Fowler Dougery, Jerry Page,  Michael Sheffield, Carol Simpson Davenport and guest Gary Davenport, Gary Skidmore and guest Jean Skidmore, and Beverly Swafford Silvers and guest Vern Silvers.

Attending from the 70th were as follows:  Walter Foulk and guest Sharon Hughes, Shirley Leist Culbertson and guests Janice Hite and Patricia Magee, Jerry Skidmore, and Billy Yoos and guest Brenda Yoos

Fred Dixon was recognized as being a teacher in the Arcadia Grade School and Jan Steele was acknowledged as being the daughter of long time music teacher, Richard (Dick) Steele.

All 55 guests were asked to stand and be recognized.

Next, Lou introduced the scholarship committee consisting of
Fred Dixon, Marilou Bork and Helen Green.  

Lou Sheets presented the Joyce Gable Niebrugge family a plaque in loving memory of Joyce’s faithful dedication to the Arcadia High School Alumni Association Scholarships. After Joyce’s passing this year, a memorial fund was set up by her family for a second scholarship to be given away in 2019. Enough was received to have three scholarships altogether. Pat Morris talked a greater length about Joyce and how the scholarship fund meant so much to her and hopefully the scholarship fund will keep going for many years to come.

Fred Dixon, Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, introduced
Dawson Ray Watt as the recipient of the $1,000 A.F. Bowlus/Betty Kirksey Scholarship; Rayne Taylor Wright as recipient of the $1,000 Joyce Gable Niebrugge Memorial Scholarship; and Paul Eugene Worsley as recipient of the $1,000 Gable Niebrugge/Bowlus/Kirksey Scholarship.  Any child, grandchild, or great grandchild, of Arcadia High School Alumni may apply for a scholarship.

Pat Morris led the memorial service for alumni deceased since the last meeting.  Those remembered were Max Davidson, Jess Arlie Carpenter, Betty June Jewell Dehon, Wanda Bean Ecker, Patricia Potter Daniels, Betty Thayer Baimi, Jimmie Lee Guthrie, Mary Helen Ham Green, Joyce Gabel Niebrugge, Kenny Cambers, Fred Wright, Jeanne Buffington O’Donnell, David Bridgewater, Jim Skidmore, Nellie Totman Segar, Dorothy Ham Moore, Judy Doss Keesee, Christine Parker Wood,  Wanda Carpenter Schwanz, Glen Caldwell, Fannie Galichia Nufer, and Ronnie Gazaway.

 Jo Fowler Ferraro, 99 years old (Class of 1938)  was given an award for being the “Oldest” alumni.  Carolyn Fowler Dougery (Class of 1959) was awarded for traveling the “Most Distance”.  Winners of 2 chicken dinners for next year’s alumni with a guest was awarded to Jerry Coonrod and Bob Garrett.

The school song was led by Marilou Bork.

“My Favorite Thing” and “Jesus Loves Me” were special songs sung by Bill Skidmore.

The Lord’s Prayer in Unison was led by Melvin Nichols.

 A highlight of the evening was William L. Turner (1948) of Los Angeles, California who discussed and took questions about his new book release, “Arcadia”. A book signing was also held.

The roll call which consisted of the following and the 1949 & 1959 classes listed above was done by Pat Morris:

1938 – Jo Fowler Ferraro & guests Dennis & Kim Congdon
1943 -  Bill Carlini
             Louise Opitz Hughes and guests Patricia Hughes and Christine
             Lou Mac Steele             
1945  -  Charles Corporon
1947  -  Maxine Carlini Sloan
1948  -  Bob Hamilton and guest LuAnne Hamilton
              William L. Turner and guests Trish Fischer and Frank and
                    Jo Collins
1950 -   Betty Clarkson Skidmore    
1951 -   David Fowler and guest Jane Lane
1952 –  Donna Bean Totman and guest Janice Mayfield
              Billie S. Guthrie McCullough
        Don Kauble and guest Colleen Kauble
         Jack Payne
1953 -   Bobby C. Harris
1954 -   Esther Engle Cousins
              Gary Peterson and guest Patty Peterson
1955 -   Mary Lee Eggen Payne
              Bobbie J. Garrett and guest Naomi Garrett
1956 –  Shirley McKinstry Landon
              Norma Jean Evans Shifflet and guest Dean Redd
              Bill Skidmore
1957 –  Merle Engle
        Pat Fanning Scott and guests Karen Billiard
              Francis M. Jones
        Lou Sheets and guest Linda Sue Sheets
              Lilly Turner Sheffield
1958 -  Gary Cambers
              Roland LaVon Cockman
              Fred Dixon
              Marilou Garton Bork and  guest Jerry M. Bork
        Sandra Sue Stelle
1960 -  Hilda Cockman Page
        Jerry Coonrod and guest Jan Steele
        Merle Mayfield and guest Margaret Parker
        Melvin Nichols
              Joyce Page Wilson and guest Lily Booth
1961 – Richard Dixon
1962  - Marilyn Coonrod Flagg    
             Joyce Elliott Maycumber
             Helen Morris Nichols
             Ronnie Smith
1963 – Sharon Barnard Foster and guest Richard Foster
1964 – Virginia Harris Smith
             Ronny Kellogg and guest Barbara Kellogg
             Steve Morris
             Peggy Jo O’Dell Worsley
       Pat Smith Morris
1965 -  Linda Barnard Turner and guest Bill Turner
       Terry Yates Bright and guest Donald Bright
1966 – Beverly Cockman Terrill and guest Larry Terrill
             Louis Steele
1967 -  Jim McKinstry and guest Mick Reed
1968 – Ron Page and guest Pat Page
   Larry Shead & guest Ralph Shead
             Sherry A. Sisney
             Tom Watt and guest Phyllis Watt
Guests:  Alan Niebrugge, Heather Ruoff, Chad Ruoff, Chris
Niebrugge, Jill Niebrugge, Debbie Landau, Bill Landau, Paul Eugene Worsley, Gene Worsley, Deanna Worsley, Rayne Taylor Wright, Craig Wright, Laura Wright, Trenton Wright, Ryan Taylor, Dawson Ray Watt, Tom Watt, Jr., Jennie Watt, and  Gabbie Watt.