1. Deann Cambers, executive administrator for Southeast Kansas, Inc. addressed the commission to explain some of what SEK Inc. has been doing recently. SEK Inc. is an organization that aims to benefit the local economy in Southeast Kansas by connecting businesses and other organizations in the area, with membership including county and city governments from 12 counties in Southeast Kansas.

2. Crawford County Emergency Manager Jason Vanbecelaere appeared before the commission to request an extension to the disaster declaration approved by the commission at its May 24 meeting. Commissioner Jeremy Johnson made a motion to extend the disaster declaration, which was approved by the other commissioners.

3. Jim Zibert of Earle’s Engineering & Inspection, Inc. addressed the commission to discuss plans for a sewer line relocation project in Franklin. Zibert presented two options for how to proceed with the project, the second of which he estimated would cost about $60,000 more than the first. The commission approved the second option, however, which involves relocating the sewer line on private land through easements, because it should prevent the commission from having to unexpectedly move the sewer line again in the near future. The commission found out earlier this year that it would have to relocate the sewer line, which may end up costing around $1 million, to facilitate work on the larger Highway 69 expansion project.

4. County Clerk Don Pyle discussed upcoming budget work sessions with various county departments. Budget work sessions are scheduled prior to the regular county commission meetings in the next few weeks.

5. Commissioner Tom Moody announced that the filing deadline for candidates for the 2019 city and school general election is Monday, June 3 at noon. Commissioner Johnson announced that he will not be at next week’s regularly scheduled county commission meetings.