ARMA — Arma City Council took the following actions during its regular council meeting on Monday.

‎Melesia Lissa Leslie-Rhodes‎ spoke to the council on making the city’s pond handicapped accessible and safe. She provided some suggestions on how to receive funding to help the city make these changes. The council discussed the cost and the requirements for city business license in Arma. Further discussion was tabled until the next meeting, with plans to discuss with the city attorney about insurance requirements for the license. The council approved the use of UTV and golf carts, from dawn to dusk with a fee of $75. People are not to ride their UTV’s or golf carts on West Street and South Street. Further discussion on the ordinance was tabled until next meeting to prepare more for more detailed information. The Arma School District wishes to have a box for people to donate and pick up books. They had asked for the council’s approval of putting the box on city property, it was approved. Councilman Mary Lou Peace asked the council about opening up the Arma City park’s restroom. Cameras to identify possible vandals — the reason it was closed — and unlocking the doors for certain hours was suggested. The council will be working to get a bid on a camera and is considering having the bathroom open during the summer as a trial.