FRONTENAC — From the gas station, to the grocery store, strip pits and the pool hall, anyone who grew up between the 40’s and 60s in Frontenac may resonate with J.T. Knoll’s stories of the Frontenac Republic.

Knoll —  a Frontenac native who considers himself a “small town guy at heart” —  will share songs and stories about Frontenac on Friday during Frontenac Homecoming. The presentation will be at 7 p.m. in Frontenac Town Hall.

“I coined the Republic of Frontenac because it is something of a city-state of itself,” he said. “The kind of immigrants that settled in the coal mining town have so many stories and so much sense of spirit and sacred places for me.”  

Knoll plans to share stories of growing up in Frontenac — about the bakery, the funeral home and much more,  all of the “sacred spaces” he went to as a boy.

Similar to some of Walt Whitman’s storytelling, Knoll will also share some of the stories in the voice of a couple Frontenac citizens — Cobb O'Hara and Frank Bozick.
“I become them and tell their story,” he said.

Knoll will also share about coal mining in the area.