PITTSBURG  — At the Pittsburg State University Nature Reach Summer Camp, area children collected insects — some children even used their bare hands.

The children scoured through the grass searching for grasshoppers and beetles. And with nets in tow, they whipped around to catch dragonflies, moths and robber flies.  

While searching around, the children also found Monarch butterfly larvae and several millipedes.

This was day three of a week-long camp which is taking place at the PSU Natural History Reserve. The camp’s purpose — which has been around for nearly a decade — is to inspire children to go outside and encourage them to look around for  insects, birds, amphibians and other little critters which live outdoors, Camp Director and Teacher Delia Lister said.

Wednesday was all about insects, Monday and Tuesday were about birds and gardening, respectively, and Thursday the children will do owl pellet dissections and game scene investigations. Friday there will be an open house for the children and their parents or guardians.

Parents can sign their child up for next year’s camp online, registration will be open in March at https://pittstate.edu/biology/nature-reach/
The camp is open to students who have completed first, second and third grade.