PITTSBURG — On Thursday, a group of cyclists rolled into Pittsburg for a purpose, to help build an “affordable home” for someone in the community.

The group of approximately 30 belongs to Bike & Build, a non profit organization in which young adults raise money and awareness for affordable housing. This group of cyclists began their ride at Yorktown, Virginia and will end their ride at Astoria, Oregon.
“There’s a really big need for affordable housing,” Bike & Build Route Leader Anna Graff, McCook, Nebraska, said. “There’s not a single county or state where you can work a minimum wage job where you can afford to spend 30 percent or less on housing.”

As the group moves across the country Graff said the group has learned together about the need for more affordable housing.  

John Stratman, who lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, said it’s “easy to get disgruntled about the affordable housing situations,” but being able to visit these communities across the United States and make an impact in person is “satisfying.”


They have stopped in Pittsburg — around the halfway mark on their journey — to assist Habitat for Humanity of Crawford County build a home. People who wish to own their own home, but need a bit of assistance in doing so have an opportunity through Habitat for Humanity. The individual would need to go through an interview process and once approved are expected to help pay through “sweat equity” and a deposit they put down.
“They pay zero interest mortgage through this affiliation,” Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Coordinator Christine Schindler said.

At about five days on the road, the cyclists take a break to help work on an affordable housing build site.
“It’s amazing to have them come through town and want to work with us,” Schlindler said.