1. The commission rescinded a motion from Tuesday’s meeting to approve the purchase of grader blade attachments for county road maintenance work because the price listed in the motion, $3,069, was incorrect. Commissioner Bruce Blair made a motion to approve the purchase at the actual price of $3,385.20, and Commissioner Jeremy Johnson seconded the motion. Commissioner Tom Moody was not at the meeting.

2. Jim Zibert of Earles Engineering & Inspection, Inc. gave an update on the Sewer District No. 3 forced main relocation project. Zibert said he expects to have the engineering and planning documents for the project completed for the commission to review by approximately the third week of July.

3. Susan Perry, fiscal director for the Southeast Kansas Area Agency on Aging, addressed the commission to discuss Elderly Fund Distributions for 2020. Perry requested a $23,873 contribution from the county to match a larger amount of funding for the agency from state and federal funds.

4. Crawford County District Court Administrator Mac Young addressed the commission to discuss the Crawford County District Court budget for 2020.

5. County Counselor Jim Emerson requested a 10 minute executive session to discuss matters deemed privileged in the attorney-client relationship.