1. Two residents spoke during the citizens’ forum portion of the meeting to ask about the city’s plans to make improvements to the city’s water supply, treatment, distribution and storage system with the aim of reducing the amount of radium in the water supply to an acceptable level under state guidelines. Mike Bulot asked how the improvements would be paid for and Jim Barone asked if the city has explored the possibility and comparative cost of getting all city water through the city’s backup water supply, Crawford County Rural Water District #1, or buying water from a third party. Mayor Linda Grilz noted the city will have a public hearing on its water project August 5 at 6:10 p.m. at Frontenac Town Hall.

2. The council voted to approve renewing a contract for City Administrator Brad Reams. Council Member Trey Coleman made the motion to approve the contract, which was seconded by Council Member Lynn Grant. The new agreement is a three year contract.

3. As part of his report to the council, City Administrator Brad Reams discussed the possibility of getting grant funding through the state to assist low-income residents in Frontenac in buying homes.

4. In making his report to the council, City Attorney Tim Fielder recommended approval of a resolution related to the city’s annual Festa event and alcoholic beverage sales and consumption. Fielder also recommended approval of a lease for space to be used for Festa, similar to a lease for the event that has been approved in past years. The city council approved both recommendations.

5. Fielder also discussed the City of Frontenac’s ongoing dispute with the City of Pittsburg regarding Pittsburg’s allegedly improper construction and encroachment on Frontenac’s city limits in the area of Wild Red Road and the intersection with East Atkinson Ave. and the Pittsburg Highlands housing development. Council Member LaDonna Pyle made a motion and the council voted to proceed with taking the matter to Crawford County District Court. Fielder said he would proceed with writing a demand letter to Pittsburg’s city attorney.