1. Commissioner Dawn McNay read a statement under public comment “to provide a more representative picture of the interaction with Frontenac city leadership in regards to improvement of the existing approach in the right of way from Wild Berry Road to Atkinson at the onset of our meeting given the recent media coverage.” Several members of the public who live in the area of Wild Red Road also spoke during public comment to say that they do not want to see the road closed and to discuss concerns about traffic in the neighborhood. The Wild Red Road issue was later discussed further in the non-agenda items period of the meeting.

2. Commissioners Chuck Munsell and Patrick O’Bryan requested to remove several items from the consent agenda for discussion prior to the commission’s eventual approval of all the items.

3. City Manager Daron Hall and Director of Finance Jamie Clarkson gave a presentation on the city’s annual budget. Later in the meeting Clarkson also presented the June 30 bi-monthly budget review.

4. Deputy City Manager Jay Byers gave an update on the city’s ongoing process of looking into potentially establishing a municipally-owned electric utility and the city commissioners asked questions and discussed the process.

5. Live Well Crawford County Director Brad Stroud gave a presentation and the city commission approved a resolution to accept up to $100,000 in grant funding through the Pathways to Healthy Kansas Grant, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas initiative. The grant will fund implementation of the “Sidewalk Feasibility Study North Medical District,” with the aim of improving physical infrastructure for pedestrian and bicycle accessibility in the area of the Community Health Center, between Atkinson Ave. and 23rd Street, and between Joplin and Michigan streets. The commission also appointed two new members — Andrew Ouellette and Nancy Scott — to the Sustainability Advisory Committee.