1. Commissioner Tom Moody requested a ten minute executive session to discuss matters related to non-elected personnel.

2. The open session of the meeting, not including the executive session, lasted less than seven minutes.

3. County Counselor Jim Emerson discussed the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation Emergency Solutions Grant funding of the Safehouse Crisis Center. Commissioner Bruce Blair made a motion to authorize a drawdown of $8,257 in grant funding for the center and the other commissioners approved the motion.

4. Aside from the scheduled future business and announcements on the meeting agenda, Commissioner Moody announced that county road crews will begin doing road work in the next week at various locations throughout the county and that people should be cautious around work zones. The first phase of work will be taking place on 270th Street between Mulberry and Arcadia.

5. Moody also announced that on July 16 there will be a 9 a.m. work session regarding the 2020 county budget, Ryan Insurance LLC will address the commission to discuss the quarterly claims report during the regularly scheduled commission meeting, and Crawford County Emergency Manager Jason VanBecelaere will discuss the county’s mitigation plan.