1. The citizens’ forum period of the meeting lasted more than 50 minutes, with several residents voicing concerns about a wide range of issues, including the city’s water project, which will be discussed further at a public hearing August 5 at 6:10 p.m. at Frontenac Town Hall, as well as other water related issues such as drainage on city property, policies regarding the city’s sewer system, commercial licensing, the city’s legal dispute with the City of Pittsburg, communication issues, and discord between city officials and residents.

2. In her report to the council, City Clerk Terri Kutz recommended repealing and replacing the city’s Annexation Ordinance 2019-07 and replacing it with Ordinance 2019-09 to resolve an issue with incorrect wording of the ordinance. The council approved repealing and replacing the ordinance.

3. Director of Public Safety John Zafuta requested $1 per hour raises for two firefighters. Council Member Mike Snow made a motion to approve the pay increases, which was seconded by Council Member Pat Clinton and approved by the council.

4. Mayor Linda Grilz announced she had received a request from the Highway 69 Association for a contribution to the association. Grilz noted that different communities and other organizations such as businesses have been contributing varying amounts to the association. Council Member David Hogard asked how much other cities have been contributing. Grilz said she didn’t know the exact amount that different communities have been giving but said she could request that information to get a better idea how much Frontenac should be contributing.

5. Among other items in his report to the council, City Administrator Brad Reams requested approval of a master agreement for professional services with Olsson Engineering. The council voted in favor of a motion to approve the agreement.