Home cooked chicken for a cause

If you’re hungry, there’s no doubt you’ll think you’re seeing angels at the “Angels Cafe” during the Crawford County Fair. 

That’s because there are angels, volunteers from Angels Among Us, a non profit organization which raises funds for patients with cancer. All funds stay local.  

The organization, founded by Diana Polston, uses the monies raised from the Angels to pay utility bills, wigs, air conditioners, space heaters and other financial needs upon request. The organization helps more than cancer patients. To help students who one day may assist someone with cancer, Angels Among Us opened a nursing scholarship fund for Pittsburg State University students at the Southeast Kansas Community Foundation.

According to Angels Among Us Volunteer Jan Allai, for 50 years the “Beulah Church Ladies” fed chicken to fairgoers in the “original” building and for over a decade years Angels Among us have done the same.

The Crawford County Fair Association hosted a ribbon cutting for an event center dedicated to the Leon V. & Dorothy M. Skubitz Foundation for their contribution to the Crawford County Fair in 2017. The fair association was sought out by the Skubitz Foundation to receive $45,000.

This event center, now called the Skubitz Center, became the new place where the Angels Cafe hosts its chicken dinners. There’s also pie — they usually sell 30 pies a day. 

Breakfast and lunch are also available. 

The care is run by volunteers. People who wish to volunteer can contact Allai at 620-249-1383. People in need of assistance through Angels Among Us can contact Polston at 620-704-0226.