PITTSBURG — Following reports of mold at the Pittsburg Highlands development on Wild Red Road, located just south of Atkinson, the property management company for the housing addition has offered to pay for tenants to stay in local hotels for several days, according to residents.

Housing Residential Management Services (HRMS) has offered to pay for rooms for Pittsburg Highlands residents at local hotels including the Regency Inn & Suites and La Quinta Inn & Suites, according to Patricia Rohrbaugh.

It is not entirely clear, however, why HRMS has agreed to pay for hotel rooms. Pittsburg Highlands residents received letters Monday informing them that the company Sunbelt Environmental would be in the neighborhood Wednesday to perform air quality testing. But HRMS “received the results of the air quality testing which indicate there are no environmental concerns within the homes,” Deb Giffin of HRMS wrote in an email Friday.

In response to a second email inquiry Friday, Giffin again did not respond to a question about how long residents are expected to be staying in hotels. Giffin did not respond to a question as to whether it was accurate that HRMS would be paying for residents’ hotel rooms.

“We have been speaking with residents about the results today and are pleased to alleviate their concerns,” Giffin wrote.

Aside from allegedly being moved into hotel rooms in response to alleged mold issues at Pittsburg Highlands, residents have also been discussing the possibility of setting up a neighborhood meeting about standing water and moisture problems at the housing development.

Giffin said in an email Monday that “we only recently learned of a mold issue in some of the homes and since that time have been doing remedial work such as installing sump pumps, setting dehumidifiers and re-grading some areas of the land to redirect rain runoff.”

Pittsburg Highlands residents have said that dehumidifiers were placed in their homes when they were not at home and they were not asked for permission or notified that the dehumidifiers would be installed. Tenants have said they have concerns about their health if they continue to live at Pittsburg Highlands following recent deaths of two neighborhood residents.

“We are working with an environmental consultant to implement the most effective plan going forward,” Giffin said in her Monday email. “We have been in the housing development business a long time and we are committed to taking care of the situation. We will continue with our efforts until we have been advised that the situation is remedied.”