ARMA — The Arma City Council took the following actions during its regular council meeting on Monday. 

The city council signed a letter of understanding between Westar and the city regarding moving on from the company. The city has been working with the Kansas Municipal Electrical Association on this subject and plans to replace an old electrical substation with a help from a company out of Salina. Next, the council will be working on the cost to build a new substation and what the city’s cost is on the buyout.  

Lissa Rhodes reported on the last meeting Arma Economic Development had. She spoke about, 69 Highway, health of county residents and about an upcoming lunch and learn luncheon set for Sept. 20 at Blue Moon in Arma. 

Council member Mary Lou Peace had questions and concerns about the recently approved UTV ordinance. The council had a discussion on this topic, nothing was changed about the ordinance. 

The city’s CPA brought back the information on the city budget. The council approved a budget hearing for the 2020 budget, which is set for 6:30 p.m. Aug. 19. Public can attend.

City Electrician Chuck Burns has been looking into doing an electric underground wiring project for between South 4th through 6th streets and Fireside Drive and View street. He is looking for ways to make it easier to maintain the electrical lines, in particular after inclement weather. There was a motion to have Burns look for bids, but the motion died.