PITTSBURG — The 13th Annual Dog Swim at Pittsburg Aquatic Center is set for 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Monday. The event will wrap up the pool season at the Pittsburg Aquatic Center. According to a release, owners and pups are invited to paddle and play just before draining the pool for the season. Proof of vaccination records required prior to entry. It costs $4 per dog to participate.Human companions are free. For each admission, $1 will be donated to the SEK Humane Society. Patrons are not permitted to swim with dogs but may wade up to knee depth in the water. Dogs must remain under control and sociable at all times or may be asked to leave without refund, the release said. Dog-related businesses can set up for free at the event. Call the Pittsburg Parks and Recreation Department at 620- 231-8310 for more information or to register.