1. Southeast Kansas Recycling Inc. personnel and supporters including Board of Directors Chairman Jim Triplett, Board Treasurer Gene Vogler, and Pittsburg City Commissioner Sarah Chenoweth addressed the commission to discuss possible solutions to the SEK Recycling Center’s financial problems. The county commission eventually approved granting $10,000 to SEK Recycling to allow it to continue operating over the next few months, and an additional $19,500 for the center to allow it to purchase a polystyrene foam (styrofoam) densifier, which SEK Recycling estimates will generate about $7,000 in revenue for the recycling center annually. $14,500 of the nearly $20,000 cost of the densifier will be reimbursed through a state grant, and the recycling center will pay that same amount back to the county.

2. County resident James Coover, who is also crops and soils agent with the Wildcat Extension District, addressed the commission to ask about progress on the Jayhawk Wind project. County Counselor Jim Emerson said that so far, work on the project has been happening in Neosho County and Crawford County has not been officially approached about it.

3. Under new business, Emerson discussed a recent meeting he had with the Fire District No. 4 board of directors and the need to formally appoint members to the board. The county commission voted to approve the appointment of the listed board members.

4. Emerson also requested a 5-minute executive session to discuss matters deemed privileged in the attorney-client relationship.

5. Under old business, Commissioner Bruce Blair brought up the topic of road graders and some options the county has for purchasing grader equipment. The commissioners agreed to move forward with plans to purchase the equipment. Blair and the other commissioners also briefly discussed progress on road work that is ongoing in the county.