PITTSBURG – A busy summer in Crawford County has led to a record number of visitors, with June totals surpassing 10,000 room nights in a month for only the second time in history, according to a release from the Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).

“This year’s ‘to date comparison’ is just behind last year, despite a slower first quarter,” the release notes. “But, a busy summer has evened things up.”

CVB Executive Director Devin Gorman said last year’s high tourism numbers made this year’s look a little less impressive in comparison.

“Our lodging numbers this year are great, and they would be record-breaking across the board if last year hadn’t been so outstanding,” Gorman said. “Summer is actually our busiest time of year for tourism, and we know that our local businesses appreciate the influx of visitors.”

Through the first seven months of 2019, hotel room demand was at 62,432, just 31 room nights shy of the record breaking pace set in 2018, the release notes. The second quarter of 2019, however, saw 28,825 room nights filled – the highest quarterly total on record in Crawford County history.

July surpassed 9,700 rooms, a record high for the month. The record high for any month was set after the 2011 Joplin tornado.

“These numbers show you how important every event is, and why we are fortunate to have so many local leaders willing to put in the time and effort to help bring these events to our area,” Gorman said. “A lot of these events are drawn here because we have the capacity and facilities. However, it’s our local organizers, volunteers, parents, coaches and others who put in the time and effort. When coming to Crawford County, visitors know they’re going to be treated right and have a great experience.”