1. The commission held four executive sessions during the meeting to discuss matters related to non-elected personnel: one for 20 minutes and including County Emergency Manager Jason VanBecelaere, one for 10 minutes and including Sheriff Danny Smith, one for 20 minutes and including Josh Peak, the county’s shop mechanic, and one for 15 minutes and including only the commissioners and County Counselor Jim Emerson.

2. Greg Hite, county road and bridge shop foreman, requested the commission approve the purchase of three new road graders and Commissioner Tom Moody made a motion to approve the purchase for a total cost of about $611,000, including trade-ins of older graders. Commissioner Jeremy Johnson seconded the motion and Commissioner Bruce Blair also voted in favor of the purchase.

3. Emerson presented a resolution to create a special ambulance reserve fund for replacement of ambulance or emergency medical equipment. Commissioner Johnson made a motion to approve the resolution, which was seconded by Moody.

4. The commissioners discussed plans for future equipment demonstrations and discussions with county staff related to road maintenance equipment and roadwork projects in the county.

5. Commissioner Moody announced future business including the closure of the County Courthouse on Sept. 2 in observance of Labor Day and the city-county luncheon in Girard scheduled for Sept. 17 at noon.