The Kansas 4-H Livestock Sweepstakes Contest was held in Manhattan, KS on August 24-25, 2019. Youth practice year-round to compete in four contests (Livestock Judging, Meats Judging, Livestock Skillathon and Quiz Bowl). The results from these four contests are tabulated to decide Sweepstakes results. All 4-H youth within the Wildcat District are able to attend this contest. We were able to take 28 youth. These contests help youth to develop vital life skills such as teamwork, communication, critical thinking and public speaking. Results are listed below:

Champion Quiz Bowl Team

Quiz Bowl Team: Dexter Small, Brenden Anderson, Cord Dodson and Keaton Herrmann will represent the State of Kansas and K-State Research and Extension, Wildcat District at the National Quiz Bowl Contest in Louisville, KY in November.

Champion Intermediate Meats Judging Team

2nd Team Placings, High Team in Questions, High Team in Retail ID

Shelby Smith – 4th Placings, 3rd Questions, 8th Overall

Addie Smith – 3rd Retail ID, 6th Overall

Mason Springer – 4th Questions, 5th Retail ID, 3rd Overall

Reserve Champion Senior Meats Judging Team

5th Team in Placings, 1st Team in Retail ID,

Emma Pool – 5th Retail ID, 6th Overall

Cord Dodson – 3rd Retail ID, 4th Overall

Reserve Champion Skillathon Team

2nd High Team in Exam, 4th High Team in Exam, 2nd Team in Practicum, 2nd Team Overall

Emma Pool – 4th Exam, 9th Overall

Dexter Small – 3rd Exam, 2nd Practicum, 2nd Overall

Keaton Herrmann – 3rd Practicum, 3rd Overall

Cord Dodson – 7th Overall

Reserve Champion Livestock Judging team

3rd high team sheep, 2nd team in swine, 2nd team in Cattle, 2nd team in reasons

Hannah Graybill – 6th in Sheep

Dexter Small – 9th sheep, 9th cattle, 10th Overall

Brenden Anderson – 10th sheep, 6th swine, 2nd Reasons, 8th Overall

Cord Dodson – 7th Swine, 2nd Cattle, 10th Reasons, 5th Overall

Luke Falkenstien – 7th Cattle, 9th Reasons, 12th Overall

Tucker Leck – 15th Overall

Dexter Small, Tucker Leck, Cord Dodson, Luke Falkenstien and Brenden Anderson all qualified to try out for the Kansas State All-Star Livestock Judging Team which takes the top youth in the state to make a team for the National Contest in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Livestock Judging Team will also represent Kansas at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Co. in January.

Reserve Champion Sweepstakes Team

Cord Dodson – 4th Overall

Keaton Herrmann – 6th Overall

Other Participants from the Wildcat District included: Cadence Wheeler, Trace Flakenstien, Katie Zwahlen, Trey Newby, trinity Kuehn, Cooper Springer, Cecillia Newby, Maggie Chandler, Ani Rexwinkle, Bryce Overman, Lauren Culver, Makenna Kuehn, Maggie McVey, Jerin Cobb, Maddix Small, Cashton Wheeler, Julieona Erbe.

For more information, people can contact Cara Comstock, 4-H Youth Development – Leadership Development Agent, K-State Research and Extension – Altamont at or 620-724-7042.