FRONTENAC — Although candidates for four Frontenac City Council seats and the mayor’s office are running unopposed this November, those seeking election to the positions recently discussed their reasons for doing so in response to inquiries from the Morning Sun.

Two council members, Mike Snow and LaDonna Pyle, representing the city’s 1st and 4th wards, respectively, were appointed to their council seats this year.

“I am running for city council because I was appointed to that position last March,” Pyle wrote in an email. “I believe I can benefit the council, and help Frontenac to grow. We must look at our old water and sewer lines, and work to get them in good condition. I believe we can grow, if we focus on economic development. It is not easy being on the council, but I truly am looking out for the city, and making sure that Frontenac is here for a long time.”

Snow, meanwhile, wrote that he decided to run to get more involved with his community, and that his priorities are public safety, infrastructure, and development.

“I hope to achieve better communication between the citizens and the city administration,” he added.

Candidates Joe Martin, running for a council position representing Ward 2, and Tom Sighel, running in Ward 3, are seeking seats on the council that are being vacated by current members. Trey Coleman, representing Ward 2, and John Macary, representing Ward 3, are not seeking re-election.

“My family and I have lived in Frontenac for thirty years,” Martin wrote in an email. “Running for City Council will give me a chance to give back to our community. There are several decisions made at the city level that have an impact on the daily lives of people.”

Martin additionally discussed what his priorities will be as a council member, writing that he will “work to help our city continue to be a positive place to live and raise a family. It is important that we pass policies and ordinances that enhance the quality of life for the residents of our city. We must spend tax money wisely. It is important that our citizens have the information they want and need to be able to understand the decisions that the council makes.”

Sighel also responded to questions from the Morning Sun about why he is running.

“I decided to run after attending several City Council Meetings and observing the direction our city is heading,” he wrote. “Too many regulations, irresponsible spending and not enough transparency by the governing body to keep citizens informed of what is going on. I am not happy with the current situation and after talking to other citizens in the City I have discovered that they have similar concerns.”

Sighel additionally discussed his priorities and what he hopes to accomplish as a member of the council.

“I hope to achieve more transparency, more responsible spending and fewer regulations for our citizens,” he wrote. “I want citizens to approach me with their problems and concerns and I will assist them to the best of my ability. I want Frontenac to continue to be a great place to live and raise a family.”

Macary, who has represented Ward 3 on the council since 2003, also discussed his reasons for not seeking re-election with the Morning Sun.

“I just felt like it was time,” Macary said, adding that he has to get a hip replacement soon. While his health issues would not necessarily prevent him from serving on the council, he said, he feels that Sighel, who he described as “very capable,” will “do a great job” on the council, which is one reason he did not feel the need to seek re-election, although he enjoyed his time on the council.

“I’ve enjoyed serving the town of Frontenac and the citizens there, and I hope they appreciate what we did,” Macary said.

Coleman, who is not seeking re-election to his position representing Ward 2 on the council, could not be reached for comment by press time.

Current Frontenac Mayor Linda Grilz is running unopposed for re-election, but she also discussed her reasons for doing so.

“I ran for Mayor two years ago on the foundation of Transparency and Vision and in the short 18 months I’ve been in office I continue to believe and aspire to these two concepts,” she wrote in an email. “There is still work to be done and I would like the opportunity to do so.”

Grilz added that her priorities will be public safety, infrastructure enhancements — including water, sewer, streets and wastewater improvements — and economic development — “not just recruiting new business but helping our existing businesses and industry.” Other priorities would include improving quality of life for Frontenac’s citizens of all ages, and improving the city’s communication with the public.