1. Deputy Chief of Police Tim Tompkins addressed the commission to recommend adopting two ordinances, one related to traffic and the other related to the Uniform Public Offense Code, as published by the Kansas League of Municipalities, and repealing two others. The commission approved the recommendations.

2. The commission voted in favor of approving a final payment of $17,372 to Tri-State Building & Service Supply Co., Inc. for new restrooms and concession stands at the Don Gutteridge Sports Complex. The commission also approved a change order for a project to replace the cooling tower at Fire Station #1, reflecting a cost increase of $9,568.15.

3. Public Works Director Cameron Alden addressed the commission to recommend approval of vacating a tract of land at the Pittsburg Highlands housing development at the request of Pittsburg Highlands, LP. Alden also addressed the commission to recommend approval of a conditional use permit for the First Church of the Nazarene of Pittsburg to allow the church to use a lot at 814 E. Quincy St. as a temporary parking lot. The commission approved both recommendations.

4. Director of Finance Jamie Clarkson presented the Aug. 31 bi-monthly budget review.

5. Among other comments under non-agenda reports and requests at the end of the meeting, Commissioner Dan McNally brought up a survey that some Pittsburg residents have reported receiving via text messages and robocalls regarding the city’s efforts to study a possible electric municipalization plan. McNally said he had not personally seen the survey, but took the opportunity to say he is in favor of eventually having a public vote on whether the city should take over providing electricity, once the city has finished studying the pros and cons of the proposal. Commissioner Chuck Munsell also said he would favor eventually putting the municipalization plan to a public vote once the city has completed its study, if the study findings suggest moving forward with the plan.