We tell children eat healthy, exercise and get plenty of sleep, but sometimes adults need the same reminders opportunities. 

The Southeast School District developed a wellness committee to create a more healthy environment for students and staff. The committee is comprised of employees at the district who volunteer their time to work on wellness in the district. 

Through the years, the group mainly worked on the students’ wellness, however, “this time we wanted to do something to help the employees too, so it was nice to blend that in with student wellness,” Assistant High School Principal Debbie Clawson said. 

Helping the committee do so, the district worked with Live Well Crawford County to get a grant and were successful. They received a $10,000 Worksite Pathway grant through Blue Health Initiatives from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, the same type of grant the district received earlier this year for student wellness.

“It’s a great opportunity in a small rural district to get that,” Clawson said. 

The committee reached to staff at the district through survey and the common thing that popped up was not having a gym close by. 

“A lot of them live several miles away from a gym and having exercise equipment in the district in one of the buildings would be handy for them,” Clawson said. 

With the funds the district is creating a space for staff to exercise as the Southeast middle school. The funds will be used to purchase fitness equipment for the employee exercise room, fitness equipment near the track, pedometers, signage and key cards to the workout room.

As part of the grant, the committee also has other initiatives to encourage staff to be active which include working toward 10,000 steps a day and breaks during long meetings.