FRONTENAC — Following the unexpected firings of Frontenac’s city administrator, attorney and clerk last week, former mayor Linda Grilz submitted her official resignation Monday.

“With the exception of Councilwoman Grant and Councilman Coleman your actions were emotional, self-serving and I believe detrimental to the long-term existence of this town,” Grilz wrote to her former Frontenac City Council colleagues in her resignation letter dated Sept. 23, in which she also described their actions as “outrageous.”

“Might I remind you the three employees you terminated were executing the personnel policies and ordinances that you — the governing body approved,” Grilz wrote.

While Grilz said she would resign and left last Monday’s city council meeting in protest of the council’s actions, it was not entirely clear last week whether her resignation was official because she left the meeting with the terminated employees and the council members adjourned the meeting without voting on accepting her resignation.

“You have no idea the harm you have done but you’ve shown me your true colors. I cannot work with a council where the majority pick and choose which rules they will follow. I believe and always have that rules are made for EVERYONE to be accountable. The citizens of Frontenac deserve city government that doesn’t cater to a few but protect all its residents equally,” Grilz wrote.

“Therefore, I hereby submit my resignation as Mayor of the City of Frontenac effective upon receipt.”

John Macary, formerly president of the council and now acting mayor of Frontenac, said Monday afternoon it was too early to comment on Grilz’s resignation or the city’s next steps.

“I have really no comment right now,” Macary said. “We’re still trying to get things lined up on what happened. Hopefully, you know, maybe after tonight’s meeting we can have a little more to say.”

A special meeting was scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday to discuss Grilz’s resignation, appoint a new president of the council and other necessary city officers, and discuss non-elected personnel.