Buster Hoy of Croweburg spent about six months writing his horror-action book Joshua about 10 years ago, but did not decide to publish it until recently.

“I mainly just decided to write it for entertainment,” Hoy said, adding that he had previously shared the story with friends, but had not planned to publish it until his family encouraged him to do so. Joshua is published through Arkansas-based Raven’s Inn Press.

Hoy says his writing tends to be 10 percent drawn from his personal experience, 10 percent factual events, and 80 percent imagination, and Joshua — which is set in Southeast Kansas and features locations around Pittsburg State University and some of the local bars that used to be in Pittsburg, as well as some places in Fort Scott — is a perfect example of that formula.

Hoy, who works in the mental health field and as a martial arts instructor when he is not writing, said Joshua is written for an audience of mid-teens and up. So far he has gotten a good response from readers, he said.

“Between the confusion of what is and what there could be, Joshua learns all too well the consequence and the surprises that await in the darkest back alley to the brightest patch of woods,” according to the book’s official description on its back cover and on Amazon, where it is available for $12. “His only real certainty is the solace of the road and finality of his job, or is it? As the past reaches out and tugs at his heartstrings and his hackles, Joshua must re-evaluate his position on many things, including his spirituality.”

Hoy is working on a sequel to Joshua and will also soon publish another book, Hellseeker, through Raven’s Inn Press. Like Joshua, Hellseeker is a story Hoy wrote years ago but did not decide to publish until recently.

“It’s pure fantasy,” Hoy said. “It’s based in another world in kind of another time, and the main character is an escapee from hell who hunts down demons and devils.”

Hoy said Hellseeker is planned to be released week of Halloween. He said the main thing he hopes to achieve with his books is to entertain readers.

“They were written in fun,” Hoy said, “and I hope people have fun reading them.”