PITTSBURG — Atkinson Industries, Inc., also known as AZZ, celebrated the 100-year anniversary of its founding in Pittsburg on Thursday with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

“This is a big milestone for AZZ and the City of Pittsburg,” Jeremy Hoffman, general manager of AZZ’s Pittsburg facility said in a release prior to the ribbon cutting. “It’s not every day a company can say they’ve been in business for 100 years. We are pleased to receive recognition of this achievement from the City of Pittsburg, and invite the community to our facility as we celebrate this event.”

The release additionally notes that “AZZ is a leading manufacturer of durable and reliable modular electrical enclosures (e-houses). AZZ's RuggedSpecTM power distribution, control and data center enclosures insure the safe and reliable operation of critical infrastructure equipment for power generation, transmission, distribution and industrial markets nationwide.”

Mayor Patrick O’Bryan was among city officials who attended the ribbon cutting.

“I think you all should be very proud of your contributions to the area,” Mayor Patrick O’Bryan told the crowd of AZZ employees and other community members. “I couldn’t help but be immensely proud that the city of Pittsburg works with AZZ in order to make our relationship one that’s very positive. AZZ has been a great neighbor for the community.”

In addition to O’Bryan, other local leaders were present for the ribbon cutting.

"For any business to be in business for 100 years alone is impressive,” said Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce President Blake Benson. “I think what’s most impressive about this company is they’re continuing to grow. They’re continuing to add jobs and they’re doing it here in Pittsburg. I think that says a lot about how innovative the company is. We’re very proud to have them in Pittsburg.”

Pittsburg City Manager Daron Hall also attended the ceremony.

“I’m tremendously proud and happy for the organization and where they’ve come from. They kind of were integral to starting the town,” Hall said. “It’s amazing 100 years later what they’ve become, and we’re just fortunate they’re here.”