PITTSBURG — Tampa, Florida-based Mission Health Communities LLC has finalized the purchase of 15 senior living and skilled rehabilitation communities in Kansas, including one in Pittsburg.

“Mission Health manages and operates senior living, assisted living, short-stay rehabilitation and skilled nursing communities in Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, Tennessee and Wisconsin,” according to the company’s website.

Pittsburg Care and Rehabilitation Center, like the other recently acquired properties, was previously owned and operated by Skyline Health Care LLC of Wood-Ridge, New Jersey.

“About 18 months ago Mission Health became the receiver of these particular communities and kind of carried them through,” until a buyer for the facilities could be found, said Cheri Kauset, vice president of business development for Mission Health. “Lucky for us, we got the opportunity to bid on these communities and now they are part of our larger portfolio in Kansas.”

An Oct. 18 press release notes that Mission Health was previously managing a total of 28 facilities, half of which were in Kansas. The company’s latest acquisition has more than doubled its presence in the state, making the 29 Kansas assisted living, skilled nursing care, and rehab/short-stay communities it now operates a large majority of the 43 total facilities it owns.

“We’ve always had a footprint in Kansas for quite a few years and we’re very excited to be able to pick up and help manage the business right there locally,” Kauset said Friday.

The 15 new communities to become part of Mission Health, which serve a total of about 2,000 patients, officially joined on Oct. 1 but the company did not announce the acquisition until Friday.

Whitney Buckle, Pittsburg Care and Rehabilitation Center administrator, said the facility at 1005 E. Centennial Dr. has 86 beds, although only 63 of those are currently in use.

“We’re expecting greater resources and just better management with the new company,” said Buckle, who has overseen the local facility through the receivership period.

“Just the relationship that they have with vendors and, you know, their therapy services and the quality of care that they provide, just making sure that the residents and families and the staff are all taken care of,” are likely to improve under Mission Health ownership, Buckle said.

Stuart Lindeman, president and CEO of Mission Health Communities, also commented on the recent acquisition.

“We’re excited about welcoming these new communities and expanding Mission Health in the state of Kansas,” Lindeman said in the release announcing the ownership change. “I am incredibly proud that Mission Health has been chosen to continue to follow these communities from receivership to ownership. We look forward to growing with these local businesses to deliver consistent care and services for patients, families and staff while focusing on an outstanding Mission Experience for everyone involved.”

The release notes that “Mission has longevity operating in the state of Kansas. In 2014, Kansas asked Mission Health to step in to assume management of 14 assisted living and rehab/short-stay Communities across the state. These communities now hold several state and national recognitions and awards for outstanding care and services.”