PITTSBURG — Unless unexpected results emerge over the next few days, it appears Pittsburg will have two new city commissioners beginning Dec. 10 — Cheryl Brooks and Larry Fields — following Tuesday’s election.

The Election Division of the Crawford County Clerk’s Office was selecting voting precincts and races to audit Wednesday morning for an election audit Thursday, and the election canvass process that has to be completed before the election results can be officially certified is scheduled for next Monday, Nov. 11.

The biggest winner Tuesday appeared to be Chuck Munsell, who is currently on the commission. Munsell, who had 1,492 votes in the final reported tallies on Tuesday night, was followed by Brooks with 1,352 votes. Although the first reported results showed current Pittsburg City Commissioner Dan McNally with a few more votes than Fields, which would have secured him the third seat on the commission that was up for election, that had shifted by the end of the night, with Fields 91 votes ahead of McNally.

“That’s a pretty big total to change,” County Clerk Don Pyle said Wednesday. Considering the margins of the votes for Pittsburg City Commission candidates, he said, it’s unlikely that provisional and mail-in ballots will change the final outcome expected based on unofficial results posted to the county’s website Tuesday night.

“It’d be pretty tough,” Pyle said. “They’d have to all go to Mr. McNally and pretty much none for Mr. Fields to change that result.”

Brooks and Fields both commented Wednesday on their apparent election victories.

“I haven’t stopped smiling since last night,” Brooks said.

“I just really feel happy today and I’m looking forward to working with the other commissioners to meet the challenges we’ve got ahead of us,” she said. “I’m just really thankful to the people of Pittsburg for putting their trust in me, and I’m just so appreciative, and I am definitely not going to let them down. We’re going to move forward for the future of our community, and I’m in it for the long haul, and I’m going to do what I say and say what I mean.”

Fields also discussed his apparent win.

“I know they have some counting to do and I’d like them to complete what they’ve got to be certain about it, but if I’ve won I’m happy about it, I’m pleased, I’m happy for everybody that ran and I’m, you know, glad to see a pretty good turnout in the votes,” Fields said. “So I’m interested in doing the best I can for the citizens of Pittsburg, and for Pittsburg. Anything that’s good for Pittsburg, I’m interested in doing, and hoping to find jobs to bring to Pittsburg, that’s what I’d like to see.”

Although Munsell has already been on the commission for several years, and he said Wednesday he is never confident in election results until the final vote has been cast and all votes have been counted, he also said he’s looking forward to continuing to represent Pittsburg citizens and to working with the new commissioners.

“I’m excited about the two new commissioners that were elected also,” Munsell said. “They share the same values of everyone in Pittsburg, and it’s all about doing what’s best for Pittsburg. They’re about transparency in city government, and I think that showed last night, that the citizens want that from their commissioners.”

Munsell said he appreciated everyone who took the time to vote on Tuesday.

“I think it’s very important that we all get out and vote,” he said, “because every vote counts.”