PITTSBURG — Tuesday’s election results will not be officially certified until next week. In many races in area cities, however, clear winners seem to have emerged, while questions remain to be answered in others.

It appears that Chuck Munsell has been re-elected to the Pittsburg City Commission, while Cheryl Brooks and Larry Fields have been elected as new city commissioners.

In Frontenac, John Zafuta appears to have been elected treasurer, although Zafuta is now serving as city administrator following recent shakeups in city administrative staff. Mike Snow, LaDonna Pyle, and Tom Sighel all appear to have been elected to the council positions they currently occupy after being appointed to them earlier this year. Joe Martin also appears to have been elected to the 2nd Ward council position he had been running for unopposed.

Although former Frontenac Mayor Linda Grilz received 167 votes, according to unofficial election results released Tuesday, Grilz has said she no longer wishes to serve in that position if elected following her recent resignation, and there were more than 400 write-in votes for the Frontenac mayor’s race reported Tuesday. A majority of these appear to be votes for David Fornelli, according to County Clerk Don Pyle. Fornelli launched an unofficial campaign as a write-in candidate following recent changes to the city administration.

In Arma, where there were three city council positions up for election, Richard Cleland and Kenneth Harryman, Jr. received the most votes, followed by Rob Lessen and Scott Popejoy, who were tied for third place with 124 votes each, according to unofficial election results released Tuesday. A clear winner for the third council position may emerge once provisional and mail-in ballots are counted following the county’s auditing and canvassing process. Travis Wood, who is currently on the Arma council as an appointed member, also appears to have won the race to serve the remainder of the unexpired term for his position, which was formerly held by Richard Kerley.

Lucas Santsbury appears to have won the race he ran unopposed for his Girard City Council 2nd Ward position, 4th Ward race between Aaron Kravitz and Jeffrey Leslie was closer, although Leslie appeared to have won that race based on initially reported unofficial results.

Kevin Malle, Rose Burns and Butch Buckley — the three candidates who filed for three open positions on Cherokee City Council — each received several dozen votes, while there were not many write-ins.

John Whetzell appears to have won the Arcadia mayoral race. Billy Cochran and Evan Winder were the top two candidates among those who filed as running for Arcadia City Council in the unofficial results released Tuesday night, although there were 58 write-in votes — almost as many as for Cochran, who had the most of any candidate who filed with 62 votes.

In Mulberry, Hallace Willey appears to have won the mayoral race and Brenda Howard appears to have been elected treasurer. Debra Rice and Thomas Duncan appear to have won the race for two city council positions up for election, although there were 50 write-in votes reported in the unofficial results released Tuesday.

It is not yet clear who won the mayor’s race and those for five city council positions in Hepler, where all votes were write-ins.

Rebecca Cooper appears to have won the McCune mayoral race. While Jason Han, Donald Call and Dianne Mitchell each received several dozen votes for the three McCune council positions they filed for, there were also 69 write-in votes — more than the highest number received by any of the candidates who filed.

Jamie Burke appears to have been elected to the Walnut City Council. There were several write-in votes reported for a second council position, as well as the position of Walnut mayor.