Pittsburg State University faculty and staff who are also published authors will be honored at a reception Thursday.

The 36th Annual University Authors Reception will take place at 3 p.m. on Nov. 14 at the newly renovated first floor of Leonard H. Axe Library. The event is open to the public.

Authors who will be recognized include eight PSU faculty and staff who have published books in the past year, along with numerous others who have been published in other ways.

Those who have published books in 2019 include Professor Donald Baack (Kelce College of Business), co-author of Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications; Lecturer Allison Blevins (History, Philosophy and Social Sciences Department), author of Letters to Joan; Professor Becky Brannock (Psychology and Counseling), author of The Essential Guide to Effective School Counseling Programs; and Dean Paul Grimes (Kelce College of Business), author of Teaching College Economics.

Others include Library Assistant Linda Grotheer, author of B & E Ever After: A Hansel and Gretel Story; Professor Casie Hermansson (English and Modern Languages), author of Filming the Children’s Book: Adapting Metafiction and co-author with Associate Professor Janet Zepernick (English and Modern Languages) of The Palgrave Handbook of Children’s Film and Television; and Mark Johnson, author of Powerful Presentations that Connect.

Besides these authors of recent books, others who will be recognized at the reception include Theresa Presley, Gail L. Yarick, Christine C. Rega-Brodsky, Neil Snow, Andrew D. George, Fang Lin, Christine Fogliasso, Stephen V. Horner, Choong Y. Lee, Susan Dellasega, Cynthia Allan, Alicia M. Mason, Megan Westhoff, Jae J. Choi, Michael Davidsson, Eric A. Mayer, Yaping Liu, David Miller, Jessica Jorgenson Borchert, Laura Lee Washburn, John Daley, Dory E. Quinn, M. K. Thompson, Donald Wayne Viney, Jian Hong, Dragana Radojčić, and Xianmei Wan.

These faculty and staff members have all published journal articles, chapters or sections of longer written works, or other forms of writing. Other faculty and staff members in this category include Zoran S. Petrović, Mihail Ionescu, Morgan O. H. McCune, Barbara M. Pope, Cynthia J. Huffman, Ananda Jayawardhana, Deborah Fischer, Cheryl Giefer, Kourtney Yantis, Jennifer Harris, Amy Hite, Barbara McClaskey, Mary Carol Pomatto, Karen Johnson, Serif Uran, Marcus Daczewitz, Michelle Hudiburg, Liz Mascher, Alice Sagehorn, Brian Sims, Jon Jones, Kelley Manley, Judy B. Smetana, Tatiana Goris and Krissy Lewis.

“Displays set up throughout the lobby and first floor of Axe Library will recognize and honor those authors and other creators of scholarly and creative works during the 2018-19 academic year at PSU, including editors, composers, and recording artists,” according to a news release about the reception. “A bibliography listing the creative works will be available at the reception, and copies of the books and other works will be on display.”