PITTSBURG — The Kansas Board of Regents visited Pittsburg State University this week, holding their board meeting Wednesday and touring the university Thursday in their first trip to the area since early 2018.

“It’s been amazing,” said Board of Regents Chair Shane Bangerter. “It’s just so great to be on campus and kind of see where the rubber meets the road and actually meet the faculty and the students. It’s just a great opportunity to kind of connect with the university.”

PSU President Steve Scott similarly said it had been a productive visit.

“We’ve had a really good look at what we’re doing, some of the challenges we have, but also how we’re advancing the university,” he said. “It’s a terrific board, they’re really supportive, they’re great partners and they’re strong advocates for us.”

During their visit to Pittsburg the board members had the opportunity to meet with both students and university leadership, as well as touring PSU facilities including the newly-renovated Axe Library and the Kansas Technology Center. The board members also visited Block22 in downtown Pittsburg, and their feedback about the multi-use development, was “very positive,” Scott said.

Bangerter also commented on progress made at Block22 since the board of regents’ last visit to Pittsburg.

“Two years ago when we were here, that was all concrete and in a state of deconstruction, and now it’s completed and beautiful and restaurants are in place and, you know, meeting spaces and new businesses,” he said. “It’s pretty incredible.”

The Kansas Board of Regents visits every university in the state’s system every other year, and Bangerter also commented in broad terms about the value of seeing the educational facilities it oversees up close.

“It’s just phenomenal when you come to these communities and see the impact that the university has on the city and on the region and the benefit that it provides for the community and the students in the region,” he said. “It’s just really exciting.”