ARMA — Area residents will get a taste of what the Arma Community Choir will perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City. 

Last year, a program developer with Distinguished Concerts International New York sent the group an invitation to come to New York after coming across a video of the choir singing. 

This year 19 members of the Arma Community Choir will perform Pepper Choplin’s “Heaven’s Child” on Dec. 2 in New York as part of the DCINY series. They will sing with over 30 choirs from all over the world, directed by Choplin. 

A few days later the Arma Community Choir will perform at 6 p.m. on Dec. 8 at Arma United Methodist Church, 313 E. Main, Arma. 

The group puts on the Christmas cantata each year to not only kick off the Christmas season celebrations but to also help out people in their community. 

“It’s just a really neat thing that we can do this time of year to help people,” said Mike Doue, choir director for the community choir. 

During the performance people can drop off a free will offering to help families who need some assistance during the holiday. Linda Roberts, who will sing in the choir on Dec. 2 and play the piano for the choir on Dec. 8, said the donations will be used to purchase nonperishable foods, toiletries and clothing. Roberts said 17 families, a total of 44 children, will receive the gifts. 

“I think it’s a wonderful way to touch the lives of a young child,” Roberts said. “They are not in control of their circumstances and they deserve to have clothes and food and celebrate Christmas like other children that have other advantages.”

Members from the Arma United Methodist Church and the Saint Joseph Catholic Church put together baskets with all of the items for the families. 

This year’s Christmas cantata is one of Doue’s favorites and one song in particular, “My Eyes Have Seen the Child,” gives him the goosebumps, he said. 

“It has a lot of beauty,” he said. “Buddy Gorentz sings it as a solo and every time I hear it my eyes fill up with tears and hair stands up on the back of my neck. It’s just moving.” 

The choir will be accompanied by several instrumentalists. 

“We are so excited about that because they are just superb, they are very professional and very wonderful and we are very blessed with them,” Doue said. 

Community Choir Members 

Sharon Barone, Reader

Juanita Phillips

Nancy Scott Brewer, Reader

Alan Pommier, Reader

Joan Cleland

Kevin Pommier

Sharon Cowan

Emil Pronier

Roger Doue, Reader

Alan Roberts, Reader

Buddy Gorentz

Susan Robinson

Mike Emerson

Adina Sanchez

John Gladson, Reader

Tony Sanchez, Reader

Sarah Hall

Carolyn Schroeder

Joan Hamilton

Charlyn Schroeder

Mary Jo Harper

Sherry Sharp

Janet Holler

Lori Stotler

Lori Lavery, Reader

Pat Thompson

Kyle Kleiner

Steve Thompson

Susan Lundy, Reader

Melissa Verga

Linda Manion

Jeanene Walsh

Diann Mazurek

Ken Waltrip

John Mazurek, Reader

Tammy Warford

Adam Paoni

Delores Wishart, Reader

Faith Paoni, Reader

Instrumental Ensemble 

Megan McCoy, Violin

Daniel Munguia, Cello

Andrea Dinkel, Flute

Linda Roberts, Piano

Carol Deats, French Horn

Lucas Warford, Trombone

Trey Wedell, Trumpet

Michael Brewer, Percussion