1. Commissioner Sarah Chenoweth requested to remove two items from the consent agenda, one to approve a staff recommendation to award a two-year towing services contract to Larry Barrett Body, Frame and Towing, and another to approve an ordinance amending the Pittsburg City Code regarding membership requirements for the Pittsburg Area Farmers Market Advisory Board. After further discussion both items were approved, along with the rest of the consent agenda.

2. The commission held a public hearing to hear and answer objections of taxpayers to the proposed amended use of 2019 funds in the 2019 budget. No one spoke during the hearing. Following the hearing, the commission approved the amended use of funds.

3. The commission approved several recommendations of the Economic Development Advisory Committee. The votes were unanimous except for the vote to update the timeline associated with the forgiveness of a $300,000 Block 22 loan from the years of 2019-2023 to the years of 2020-2024. Commissioner Chuck Munsell voted against the change to the loan timeline.

4. The commission approved the addition of sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of categories which the city’s Human Relations Commission is responsible for reviewing discrimination complaints about.

5. The commission approved a letter agreement for the city manager for calendar year 2020 following a motion by Commissioner Chenoweth and a second by Mayor Patrick O’Bryan. Commissioner Munsell voted against approving the letter.