At the beginning of the meeting the Board of Crawford County Commissioners opened the public hearing on the 2019 amended budget. The hearing was closed with no public comments. They also opened the public hearing for the 2019 amended budgets for Crawford County Fire District #1, Fire District #2 and Fire District #4. The hearing was closed with no public comments. The commissioners approved the budgets. 

The commissioners approved the contract of services between the Crawford County Kansas, Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce. The commissioners approved the re-appointment of Nate Davis and Justin Shaffer and the new appointment of Connor Ossowski to the 2020 Convention and Visitors Bureau Advisory Board. The commissioners also approved the 2020 Conventions and Visitors Bureau proposed budget. 

The commissioners issued a license to “sell at retail” cereal malt beverages at Pichler’s Chicken Annie’s. 

During the meeting the commissioners opened rock bids. There were two bids, one from Midwest Minerals and the second from Mulberry Limestone. Commissioner Tom Moody recommended sending the bid packages to the county’s engineer who will give the commissioners feedback on which choice fits with the county’s needs. 

Bill Brady, the county lobbyist, shared a 2020 legislative preview with the commissioners. Some of the issues Brady said he expects to be discussed are Medicaid expansion and the adoption of the state’s budget which he said includes money for highways and Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS).