Governor Laura Kelly appointed Johnna Norton, executive director of the Mount Carmel Foundation, to the state’s Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board on Friday.

According to a release from the governor’s office, the mission of the board is to protect the public’s health, safety and welfare from unlawful or unprofessional practitioners who fall under the board’s jurisdiction. The board establishes educational and experience-based requirements, as well as rules and regulations for applicants seeking credentialing, the release said. 

Norton said she is looking forward to serving on the board. 

“I’m honored to be appointed and excited about the opportunity to serve on the state level,” she said adding that in recent years no one from southeast Kansas has been appointed to this board. “I appreciate the fact that I could be on there and there’s a voice from our area and our community. And this board, their focus and their mission is to protect the public. I appreciate being able to work for the citizens in our community to make sure that the public is protected and we have good oversight in behavioral sciences areas.”  

Kelly also commented on the significance of the appointment in announcing it last week.

“The members of the Board have a great responsibility in ensuring the well-being of Kansans,” Kelly said in a release. “I have no doubt these appointees will serve dutifully.”

David Anderson, Mary Jones, Andrea Perdomo-Morales and Ric Glen Steele were also appointed to the board.