Note: At its Dec. 6 Women in Business Breakfast, the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce named twelve Women of Distinction for 2020. In recognition of their achievements, the Morning Sun will be publishing profiles of each Woman of Distinction.

PITTSBURG — Lacey O’Brien grew up in Edna, in Labette County, but has called Pittsburg home for the past two decades.

O’Brien attended Pittsburg State University, earning a bachelor of business administration degree with a marketing and management focus in 2004 and a master’s in engineering technology in 2012.

In the time between earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, O’Brien worked at the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce and at PSU’s Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations. Today, she is project manager at Pitsco Education.

“I manage projects, proprietary and partner, curriculum or physical product development, and then in addition to that I also serve as our robotics portfolio owner,” O’Brien said, “which means basically I champion our robotics portfolio and its products — looking at the assortment that we offer, assisting with the marketing for them, so setting marketing strategy and what we’re going to focus on, bringing new products to market, getting new products into the development process, onboarding partner products, those are the types of things I’m responsible for.”

Outside of work, much of O’Brien’s attention is occupied spending time with her family, including her husband Matthew and daughter Guinn — and her labradoodle, Berkley.

“We’ve had him for 11 years so he’s definitely part of our family,” O’Brien said.

Besides her job and family life, however, O’Brien is also active in a variety of other organizations. She is a past president of both the Mount Carmel Foundation and Pittsburg Area Young Professionals and a current board member of the Family Resource Center.

“We all have an opportunity to make our community better, and no matter how we choose to do so, we can all make a difference,” O’Brien said. “Our community is as good as the people in it, and I think we have an amazing community and it’s because there’s so many people in it who are willing to give in their own way and to an area of their own passion.”

Considering all she does, it might go without saying that O’Brien is making a difference in the Pittsburg community. When she heard she would be recognized as a 2020 Woman of Distinction, though, O’Brien was both humbled and an honored, she said.

“There’s a lot of individuals in our community that have been recognized with this and to be in their company is really humbling and really amazing,” she said. “And then also there’s just so many individuals who have yet to be recognized and I know that, you know, they do so much work in our community, so being recognized was just a humbling but exciting experience.”