PITTSBURG — It’s about to get a bit colder in southeast Kansas, at least for a little while. 

On Thursday, there were rain showers and a temperature with a high near 59 degrees, along with breezy south wind gusts as high as 40 miles per hour. 

According to the National Weather Service (NWS) of Springfield, Missouri, the showers are forecast to continue on Friday with thunderstorms possible after noon. Some of the storms could produce heavy rain and flooding, according to Kyle Perez, NWS meteorologist.

“For your area out there you’re actually under a flash flood watch that will begin tomorrow [Friday] morning and that will run through Saturday,” Perez said. “We’re expecting anywhere between two to three and maybe isolated pockets to up to four across portions of southeast Kansas throughout the next few days and into Saturday.” 

During the day time on Friday the temperature is forecast to be a high of near 62 degrees, but with slower wind gusts than Thursday with a high of 22 miles per hour, according to the National Weather Service website. By Friday evening, more rain showers are in the forecast, along with freezing rain and sleet before 4 a.m., then freezing rain likely, possibly mixed with snow showers after 5 a.m. There’s a possibility of 1 to 2 inches of precipitation. 

Snow showers are likely to continue on Saturday, possibly mixed with freezing rain before noon, then a chance of snow showers and cloudy, with a high near 28 degrees. According to the NWS, there could be “blustery” wind, with a north wind at 13 to 21 mph and gusts as high as 32 mph. 

“You’ll see colder temperatures start to surge into the area from the north from behind the front and that will give us an opportunity to first see a mix of maybe some rain mixed with snow and also some freezing rain in there, which gives us the potential of maybe seeing a light glaze of ice out across that area,” Perez said. “And after that, it will change over to all snow as cold air digs in a little more in the system and starts to push to the east and at that point we can see anywhere generally to one to two or maybe an isolated three inch snowfall out that way.” 

Although there’s a possibility for freezing rain and snow, Perez said the main concern is heavy rainfall and the flooding potential. 

“This is a lot of rainfall for this time of the year and given that there’s not really vegetation on the ground it will be easy for the water to run off with saturated soil moisture,” he said. “It will definitely make for good flooding potential.” 

Perez said people should not let their guards down when it comes to the possibility of wintery weather. 

“First with all of the rainfall coming through, we should take it one step at a time, that’s the best way to look at it. Temperatures will still be a bit warm, generally from the rainfall and from the warmer temperatures through today and Friday,” Perez said Thursday. “It will take time for possible road impacts to accumulate. Taking into account a couple different things, what kind of rates are we getting, is it able to quickly cause the roads to drop below freezing?”

Perez said the snowfall occurring in the daytime should also be taken into account.

“Even though it will be cloudy out and have overcast skies, just the natural heat release in the daytime, it can aid the warming of the roads in general,” he said. 

The weather is forecast to be sunny with a high of 45 degrees on Sunday.