1. The commission had several executive sessions, including one for 15 minutes to discuss non-elected personnel matters with Crawford County Mental Health Center Executive Administrator Michael Ehling, one requested by County Counselor Jim Emerson for 15 minutes to discuss attorney-client privilege matters, and one requested by Commissioner Bruce Blair for 10 minutes to discuss non-elected personnel.

2. County Noxious Weed Director Ed Fields gave the commission an update on work his department has been doing, noting among other things that he is hoping to get a new vehicle for the department and the county is dealing with issues with Bohemian knotweed, which none of the commissioners had heard of but Fields described as “a monster,” noting that the plant can grow through 10 inches of asphalt.

3. Emerson presented a request for reimbursement for an Emergency Solutions Grant for Safehouse Crisis Center Inc. and a lease-purchase agreement for three new vehicles for the sheriff’s department, both of which were approved by the commission.

4. Commission Chairman Tom Moody discussed the possibility of getting new equipment for a truck the county recently purchased for installing and working on signs.

5. Commissioner Jeremy Johnson reported to the commission on a meeting he recently had with Rep. Monica Murnan (D-Pittsburg) and City of Pittsburg Public Utilities Director Matt Bacon as well as the most recent meeting of the Southeast Kansas Recycling Board of Directors, which Johnson is now a member of.