FRANKLIN — Most people in the Crawford County area know about the history of European immigrants in southeast Kansas which is often shared in area museums and at the annual Balkans Days Festivals. 

The stories of those days are told in many ways — including through music. The instruments and the sounds they make, along with the dances which go along with them, are part of the history.

On Sunday, the Miners Hall Museum will host a special program called “Accordion and Polka,” presented by Gene Corsini. 

Corsini’s presentation will tell the story of the accordion and polka's arrival in Southeast Kansas with the European immigrants, recall the artists and bands, and discuss some of the venues in which they played — from immigrant halls to large ballrooms.

This special program is being presented in conjunction with the quarterly exhibit “Music of the Little Balkans” hosted by J. T. Knoll.  

The doors to the museum open at 1:45 p.m. and the program begins at 2 p.m.. Admission is free. The Miners Hall Museum encourages people to call ahead of time at 620-347-4220 to plan for adequate seating. Donations are accepted and appreciated. After the program people are welcome to view the quarterly exhibit.