1. Commissioner Tom Moody was not at the meeting.

2. County Geographic Information System (GIS) Director Kyle Nelson spoke with the commission to discuss changing the name of a section of South 210th Street to North Sugar Creek Road to match a name change made by the City of Frontenac following their annexation of an area northeast of the intersection of South Sugar Creek Road and East 590th Ave., near Capaldo, to avoid confusion about address numbering. The commission approved the name change.

3. The commission approved accepting the recommendations of the Solid Waste Committee, including the renewal of a long-term contract with the WCA Oak Grove Landfill and the recommendation “that the County, City of Pittsburg and other stakeholders proceed to work out a funding arrangement” to keep the SEK Recycling Center open.

4. The commission had a 10-minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel matters with Emergency Medical Services Director Randy Sandberg. County Counselor Jim Emerson also requested a 15-minute executive session to discuss attorney-client privilege matters, and Commissioner Jeremy Johnson requested a 15-minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel.

5. County Clerk Don Pyle discussed ways the county could be affected if proposed changes to the state’s tax laws pass during this year’s legislative session.