Although I’m certainly interested in national-level politics, and I did once spend a few months living in Washington, D.C., for the most part I try to keep my distance from the federal government and the frequently power-hungry personalities that aspire to pull its levers.

I will soon temporarily deviate from that stance, however, as I am planning to go to New Hampshire to get a close-up view of the Feb. 11 party primaries — famously the first to be held nationwide each presidential election cycle — and the campaigning, preaching, performing and pandering that are sure to accompany the days leading up to them.

As an active participant in this media feeding frenzy, I anticipate an abundance of material to write about, and my plan is to keep readers apprised of developments with a series of articles on the electioneering in progress in the Granite State.

I should be arriving in New England on Friday, Feb. 7, and providing regular updates through the Tuesday grand finale. Keep an eye out for my columns as well as online posts that may not make it into the print edition due to timing constraints.