PITTSBURG — A lost dog weighing approximately 110 pounds dubbed “Junior” was found wandering through the Radley area. Junior was taken in for treatment and hopes to find a new home one day, according to Robin Belfield Carson, who recently founded an animal advocacy group with a handful of other “pet lovers” called SEK Animal Advocates. 

Junior, who Carson said is a “gentle giant”, sadly has heartworms. Carson said they would like to help the pup get the treatment he needs and if possible help more doggos in the area with the leftover funding.  

With the help of Mazzio’s, the SEK Animal Advocates hope to raise money for the dog. 

During business hours on Feb. 13 Mazzio’s will donate a percentage of its proceeds.  

The SEK Animal Advocates help take dogs to new locations when shelters are full. They seek people who may be traveling near the area the dog needs to go and see if the pet can travel along.  

The group consists of individuals who have actually been transporting and assisting with homeless pets for several years. For example previous dogs have been taken to Second Chance Pups where dogs from animal shelters are trained at a penitentiary in Nebraska for nine weeks. There, the dogs are placed with an inmate which they call a handler.

Recently, City of Pittsburg Animal Control had an unclaimed dog, Tahoe, get picked to go to the prison and dog program, from which he graduated and was selected to be part of another training program to be a support dog for people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Carson said. 

The group also plans to assist with veterinary needs and purchase items such as leashes to help make transporting the dogs easier.