PITTSBURG — Several Kansas City area school districts and a few colleges have reportedly canceled classes Wednesday for the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade. The Kansas Legislature also reportedly canceled business Wednesday to allow lawmakers and staff to celebrate.

Students at several universities in Kansas and Missouri, meanwhile, gathered tens of thousands of signatures asking their schools to similarly shut down in recognition of the Super Bowl win. These include Pittsburg State University, which had gathered more than 3,700 signatures Tuesday afternoon, with a goal of reaching 5,000, for a petition including numerous seemingly random capitalizations imploring University President Steve Scott to cancel classes.

“We all remember the Royals parade. An Iconic moment not only in our lives but in Kansas City HISTORY. 800,000 Royals fans went and gathered through the streets of KC. Abandoning their cars on the highway, climbing trees, flooding the streets just to go see the HEROES that made everyone remember KC. There was nothing like seeing the flood of blue and being surrounded by strangers that all share the same reason for being there. With numbers anticipated to easily surpass the Royals parade, I want the Pitt State student and staff to be able to attend the parade and become part of Kansas City History,” the petition stated.

“So now we have the rare opportunity to relive a similar moment but a different story led by our lord and savior Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs TRAILED BY DOUBLE DIGITS all of the postseason. Mahomes got it done. We were told that our defense was going to get exposed by Derrick Henry who was rushing for over 180 yards per game. Our D held him to 69 Yards. Every single game the Chiefs stepped up and led us to some of the best wins ever. Mahomes never gave up and brought back the biggest W for Kansas City. If Mahomes is there for us, WE should be there for him,” it continued.

“So I ask you, President Scott, to call off school on Wednesday to allow the everyone the opportunity to not only make a memory of a lifetime but to be forever etched into this great moment in Kansas City's history.”

Pittsburg State University released an official statement late Tuesday afternoon.

"It is fun to see all the enthusiasm and support for the Chiefs and the excitement from the championship win. Pittsburg State University is not in a position to cancel classes or operations for this type of an event. We hope everyone enjoys this special occasion," Chief Marketing Officer Abigail Fern said in the statement.

"University administrators are continuing to monitor the weather as it relates to classes and campus operations," PSU Director of Media Relations Andra Stefanoni added.

This article has been updated to include official statements from Pittsburg State University.