1. The commission had a 15-minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel matters with Crawford County Mental Health Center Executive Administrator Michael Ehling and Restorative Justice Authority Program Director Angie Hadley.

2. County Counselor Jim Emerson also requested a 30-minute executive session to discuss attorney-client privilege matters, and Commissioner Tom Moody requested an executive session under attorney-client privilege for 15 minutes.

3. Commission Chairman Bruce Blair brought up the topic of grants and priorities for roadwork in the county.

4. Under old business, Moody brought up the topic of trash hauling services. While discussing the issue, Blair also noted that the commission should set a date for a county-wide cleanup it has been planning, but the commissioners did not set a specific date Tuesday.

5. Commissioner Jeremy Johnson asked if the commission could set a date to discuss the vacant position of county zoning and floodplain administrator, and the commission agreed to schedule a 9 a.m. executive session before its regular Friday meeting to do so.