1. Mayor Dawn McNay proclaimed Feb. 11, 2020 as Crawford County Bar Association Day in Pittsburg, and the commission approved the meeting’s consent agenda.

2. Darrell Pulliam, chairman of the Active Transportation Advisory Board (ATAB), presented the board’s annual report. Director of Finance Jamie Clarkson also presented the bi-monthly budget review later in the meeting.

3. The commission approved a resolution stating the city is considering establishing a Rural Housing Incentive District (RHID) to be called Payton’s Landing and located just north of Deer Run Lane, in the area south of 4th Street and north of Quincy, and east of Rouse and west of Free Kings Highway, and scheduling a public hearing regarding the proposed RHID for March 24. The commission also approved a funding agreement related to the RHID.

4. The commission approved the appointment of Tiffany Peery to the city’s Sustainability Advisory Committee.

5. The commission approved annual economic and business development agreements with the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce and Pittsburg State University. A zoning change and a short form plat for an area located immediately west of Countryside Self-Storage, east of North Water Street and south of East 4th Street, were also approved, as was an amendment to the city's purchasing policy to reflect changing the local preference percentage from 3 percent to 5 percent. The commission tabled approval of the city’s proposed land use plan.